When I just finished interviewing Zubayda, Nargiza entered stealthily into the restaurant. Her light grey eyes enlightened her face.

Plano americano de Nargiza. Conversación en Jiva, Uzbekistán. Fuente. www.ritapouso.com

Nargiza’s American Shot. Conversation in Khiva, Ouzbekistan. Source: www.ritapouso.com

Nargiza has two children. Her daughter is in the 2nd grade and her son is 6 years old. Her husband works as a construction worker and as a carpenter. He has made all the pieces of wood of the restaurant. He has also made the furniture from all the hotels in Khiva.

What is happiness for you?

For me happines is that my husband doesn’t cheat on me and that there is peace in my family. I consider as happiness that my children are healthy. I have one of the happiest families.

(Nargiza, Ouzbekistan. 26th of June, 2015)