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Nargiza: “For me happiness is that my husband doesn’t cheat on me”

When I just finished interviewing Zubayda, Nargiza entered stealthily into the restaurant. Her light grey eyes enlightened her face.

Plano americano de Nargiza. Conversación en Jiva, Uzbekistán. Fuente. www.ritapouso.com

Nargiza’s American Shot. Conversation in Khiva, Ouzbekistan. Source: www.ritapouso.com

Zubayda: “For me happiness is my family and having my children”

Khiva’s high temperature leads me to a restaurant which is near to Islom Xo’ja minaret. Zubayda is sitting down in the corner of a long table, having dinner. She offers me a glass of water. She has got a dark and weather-beaten skin and she speaks in a flat uzbek, smoothly.

Plano americano de Zubayda. Conversación en Jiva, Uzbekistán. Fuente: www.ritapouso.com

Zubayda’s American Shot. Conversation in Jiva, Ouzbekistan. Source: www.ritapouso.com

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