ESCRS congress, celebrated this year in Hospitalet de Llobregat, brings together ophthalmologists from all over the world and professionals whose job is related to the field. Yurie Lacruz works in the event as a hostess. Wearing black blazer, black skirt, white shirt and black sparkling shoes, the girl from Mallorca is particularly accustomed to perform her job. Her green eyes are the reference point of her face for those who hold a conversation with her. The maximum expression of her smile delights visitors.

Yurie's American Shot. Conversation in Barcelona, Spain. Source:

Yurie’s American Shot. Conversation in Barcelona, Spain. Source:

Russian grandmother. Indonesian grandfather. Dutch mother. Father from Zaragoza. Yurie Lacruz was born from that genetic wealth. In Palma de Mallorca. She has been living in Madrid for 5 years. She works as a congress hostess primarily, but she has also handled different job worlds, such as television, fashion, events and translation. She speaks seven languages.

What is happiness for you?

Happiness. That’s a complicated and simple question at once. It is simple because there are many things in life that can make you happy but it doesn’t mean that they will bring happiness to you. For example, the money. Money doesn’t give you happiness. Some people think it does. For me buying a new car doesn’t mean bringing happiness to me. It would make me feel very excited at the time but it isn’t something it would give me happiness in a long term. I think that for me happiness is to feel good with myself, be healthy and that the people I love are alright. That is happiness for me. Other things are just extra. The fact of having a partner that loves you and a dog that loves you unconditionally, it is also happiness for me.

(Yurie Lacruz, Spain. 6th of September, 2015)