Chap Bhanjyang, in Kathmandu Valley, is the way to cross Namo Buddha and Dhulikhel. Buses come and go eventually. That’s why it is recommended to all the pedestrians who are willing to arrive to their next destination, to be punctual in their attendance (as well as patient). If not, the former would have to provide himself with a minimum of two hours and a half trekking in order to reach Dhulikhel.

Sanumaya's American Shot. Conversation in Chap Bhanjyang, Nepal. Source:

Sanumaya’s American Shot. Conversation in Chap Bhanjyang, Nepal. Source:

The school bus has already picked up the children to drive them to school. Sitting down on the concrete step of her tea shop is Sanumaya Tamang. She lives in Chap Bhanjyang and she is 50 years old. During the interview, she is hugging her grandson, the second child of her daughter, and she shades a motorbike which is parked behind her. She has three kids and she has been managing the tea shop for nine years. She is dressed up with a flowered dress and a green clothing. Her pink and purple flip-flops are more than enough to walk across a floor which has never suffered paving. While she is talking, coloured flags fly prayers, one of her grandchildren is playing on the floor, a house is still under construction, the hung laundry dances at the mercy of the wind and a rooster is having a walk around the sink.

What is happiness for you?

I am happy because here I have been able to establish my tea shop business. That brings a little bit of benefit to my personal life and to my children. Is kind of a job so that makes me happy.

(Sanumaya Tamang, Nepal. 7th of July, 2016)