Despite being in July, Namo Buddha’s trekking to Nagarkot is a sun-filled day. Sunbeams go through the nepali sky. They enlighten the nature that migrates from the pollution of Kathmandu and tan the skins of the wanderers of such spiritual landscapes. In Opi, the business of Rama Thama feeds the forces of the most dedicated hikers and the lungs of the smokers, also devoted to their cause.

Rama Thapa's American Shot. Conversation in Opi, Nepal. Source:

Rama Thapa’s American Shot. Conversation in Opi, Nepal. Source:

Rama Thapa is original from Bhaktapur. She is 40 years old, 25 of which she has spent in Opi, the village where she got married. She also has two kids and a husband who spent a lot of time in Irak, working. Together they form one of the biggest families in Opi, well-established economically. All accomplishment is been achieved thanks to their work: in Irak, with the aid of his husband, and in the tea shop, with the aid of all the family members. Two weeks ago, his son flew towards Australia as he achieved the student visa.

What is happiness for you?

Two weeks ago my son flew towards Australia. I just wish him a good life, a good job and a great time there. That is my happiness.

(Rama Thapa, Nepal. 7th of July, 2016)