Registan is the heart of Samarkand. The square was the muscle pump of the Silk Road as well as the meeting point of scholars, scientists and merchants. Overwhelmed by my imagination which is driving me to the ancient commercial route in Central Asia, the noise of the refurbishment of the architectural heritage awakens my sixth sense. I was about to meet up a dishevelled and attractive Marco Polo.

Clara's American Shot. Conversation in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Source:

Clara’s American Shot. Conversation in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Source:

In the Sher-Dor Madrasa, one of the three that shape the square, I find Clara. Dressed in earthy hues, a handkerchief ties her hair back and acquires the function of a headband. She is wearing the brown T-shirt of the Expedition and some baggy shorts that pave the way under the Uzbek blazing sun. During the rehabilitation tasks of the Registan square, the sun turns to be the best partner of the construction workers. Day by day, its dazzling rays express support patting them on the back at a temperature of 40 degrees.

Clara has studied journalism. Among her passions, she loves reading and travelling. She is in a process of transformation towards finding her work specialisation. She expresses it with an enthusiasm slightly overwhelmed by the anxiety of the future. Many are the journalistic fields that draw her attention. At the time of the interview, she comments how “much, much, much” she is working in order to ensure that she will be able to travel. She hopes that her degree internships help her define the professional path that will satisfy her personally and emotionally.

What is happiness for you?

Happiness. That is very difficult to explain. For me happiness happens when all good outweights the bad and, especially, when you feel that everything you are doing and the people who surround you inspire you love. For me happiness is a synonym of love. And, at a time, love for me is the biggest energy that exists. It can be love for travelling, love for reading, love for people, love on what you are doing, but for me happiness is love. If you have a high dose of love and you truly enjoy, live and give value to what you do and to the people you love, you are going to know yourself on a deeper level. You find yourself, you become refined. You find your imperfections, your virtues. You find that balance. That is happiness for me.

(Clara, Uzbekistan. 2nd of July, 2015)